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Dear Readers,


Thank you for visiting my website and a very special thanks to those of you who have been waiting so faithfully for my next novel. It's had a very interesting journey, as you will learn when you pull up Rhubarb Summer. If you're one of the multitude who've been doggedly trying to find copies of Flower of the Pacific and Fionna's Will (both previously published by Bantam Books), there's good news. Both novels have been re-issued through the Author's Guild Backinprint program.

My readers are what make storytelling such a joy. It's your reading of the story that keeps it alive. That's why I so enjoy the many letters I receive from you. I make every effort to answer each and every one.

Please drop back in periodically to see what's new on the site. I'll post some of the questions you ask along with my answers in the FAQ section if they're of general interest. And, of course, I'll keep you posted on what's happening and let you know when anything new is planned or coming out.

Again, thanks for your support - and keep on reading!



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Lana McGraw-Boldt

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