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As a fifth generation Oregonian, Lana grew up surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins - and all the stories they brought with them. It's no wonder she became a storyteller herself. Still before she began telling stories, she had to make a few herself.

She attended the University of Oregon, studying English literature and guidance and counselling. While teaching secondary school in Seattle, she attended the University of Washington, studying applied psychology - but she enjoyed her classes in history and anthropology more than the classes in her professed major.

She and her husband joined the Peace Corps and the Alele Museum in the Marshall Islands is the visible result of Lana's work there. After traveling around the world, they returned to the place where the stories began.

Today, Lana spends her time writing. Three of her books have been published. She is a member of the Authors Guild and is currently working on the second book in her Jefferson County trilogy of which Rhubarb Summer (Hexensommer) is the first. A historical mystery is also simmering on a back burner. Lana lives with her husband, three cats and two dogs in a house on a hill overlooking a small Oregon town.

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Lana McGraw-Boldt

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