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Fionna's Will

Hunted by violent and hateful men because of her work with the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, Fionna Barry must flee all she knows and loves in western Virginia. Strong-willed and determined, Fionna manages to escape across the Oregon Trail to a new life in a strange land, the Oregon Territory.

But before she reaches the Oregon frontier, Fionna's life becomes irrevocably entwined with the lives of two men, Nathanial Coughlin - frontiersman and wandering free-spirit - and Jacob Teal - intellectual and businessman with his own deep secrets.

The legacy that Fionna carves for herself, her children and grandchildren casts a long shadow over her adopted land. Her will is strong and it bequeaths a family saga that has a unique, irresistible twist that transcends generations. It is a formidable legacy that Fionna passes on to her heirs - whether they want it or not.

If you would like to read how Fionna's story begins in 1861, click here.

"Lana McGraw Boldt's Fionna's Will is compelling." New York Daily News

"McGraw Boldt utilizes bold strokes to execute Fionna's Will." The Oregonian




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